Linearis Labs is active within the dynamic life sciences ecosystem, offering specialized tests combining metabolomics and artificial intelligence. Providing an accurate indication of an individual’s health status, the analysis of metabolites is an innovative approach to effectively support screening, monitoring, and drug discovery for metabolic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and infectious diseases.

As part of a recent transaction, Linearis Labs has acquired numerous laboratory equipment*. As a result, we would like to share the opportunity to purchase our equipment surplus with significant discounts on over 120 high-quality scientific and laboratory equipment items ranging from automatic pipettes to large analytical instruments, some of which are practically brand new.

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Real-time biomolecular interaction analyzer (Biacore 8K),

Waters LC-MS System,

Actini SAS KUBE,

Amsco Autoclave/Sterilizer Century SV120,

Protein Simple Automated Western Blot System JESS,

Molecular Devices Plate reader Spectramax M2,

Steris Life Science Glassware washer Reliance 500XLS

Norbec Controlled Environmental Room