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“Guiding the Health
Innovation Cycle”

Linearis Ventures is a fund which assists and shares knowledge and discovery along the health continuum. Through Linearis Labs, it seeks to promote research and product development for diagnosis, clinical assistance for treatment and drug discovery by coupling metabolomics and artificial intelligence. 

Finding Diseases Signatures

Linearis Labs couples high throughput technology and Mass Spectrometry to provide metabolomics analysis of blood plasma or serum for diseases including cancer, diabetes and infectious diseases which have significant metabolomics components. Using an AI Pipeline, disease signatures are discovered and can provide staging of several types of metabolomic diseases (cancer, diabetes, infectious diseases), the effectiveness of therapeutic interventions, and the emergence of resistance and side effects of treatments.

Biobank Analysis Services

Linearis labs offers metabolomics profiling services. Services include both targeted and untargeted LC-MS measurements. High throughput procedures are also available to process thousands of samples using laser diode thermal desorption mass spectrometry. The analyses are carried out in a certified environment and are of clinical quality. The data is made available in an AI friendly format for machine learning based analysis. Linearis labs can also perform data analysis with state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms. As metabolomics is closer to the phenotype of interest, it is a great advantage for biobanks to acquire metabolomics data (e.g. UK Biobank). Moreover, there is now an expectation that multiomics analyses will be available for publication and for better interpretation of the diseases under analysis.

To Complete the Health Innovation Cycle

Multi-Omics disease signatures found in Linearis Labs will amplify, along with capital from Linearis Ventures, the innovation cycle of Diagnostics, Treatment Monitoring and AI Drug Discovery Companies.

Creating Targets in the
Health Continuum



Early Diagnostics

Personalized Treatment
Predictive Response

Drug Discovery

In Silico – Vitro – Vivo
Feedback Loop &
Optimization for
Curative treatments

Accessible & Responsible

Societal benefits for Cancer Diabetes &
AMR aligned with
financial incentives

Metabolomic Signatures along with their supporting AI-Friendly Data and AI Pipelines provides each partner great impetus for the specific disease application in Prevention, Early Diagnostics and Drug Discovery.

Alexandre Le Bouthillier, PhD


Jacques Corbeil, PhD


Manon Boisclair, MS, MBA, ICD.D


Yoshua Bengio, PhD

Advisor AI

Nathalie Tremblay, MBA, PhD

Advisor Innovation & Strategic Partnerships

David Wishart, PhD

Advisor Metabolomics

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